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The technical courses that we offer are through the training agency Technical Diving International. TDI is a worldwide accredited training agency that set the standard for the most up-to-date training available. 

Our instructors are active technical divers and explorers that have years of experience in this type of diving. When you enroll in a technical course with us you will not be quickly ran through a course just to get a certification. Our instructors will be teaching and mentoring you to give you the most comprehensible training they can possibly give. Our goal is to develop your skills and mindset so that you make good decisions when things don't go to plan. Not every situation has a standardized answer that can be learned from a book. Our process develops a mindset and skillset that will help you take proper actions when the time arises. Our instructors teach through their experiences and lessons learned from their years dedicated to this sport. 

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Our course fees are generally based on the minimum number of days for course completion. Occasionally, some divers will need more time to complete the course because of failed dives. Additional training days are based on a daily fee of $350 per day. Our goal is to help our clients succeed!  Sometimes we will give our clients "homework dives". They can practice skills that they they are struggling with in the course on their own time. This helps the client avoid incurring additional cost.  

Course fees include instruction and the certification card only (upon course completion). Clients are responsible for academic materials, gas fills, rental gear, and boat charter/park entrance fees if applicable.

Beginning technical diving is very exciting ! However, with all the different options in gear configuration, courses, styles of diving, and etc... It can be confusing. We offer free consultation in person or over the phone! Just contact us with any questions you may have!  We recommend doing this before purchasing gear or signing up for class.  


Course Tuition Private Tuition  Days
Intro to Technical Diving $800 (Includes tech gear rental package) $1000 3
Advanced Nitrox and Deco (Optional Helitrox) $1500 $2500 5
Trimix $1200 $2400 4
Advanced Trimix $1800 $2800 5
Technial Sidemount $800 $1000 3

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