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SDI Wreck Diver

Wreck diving can be one of the most exciting aspects of sport diving, however every effort must be made to maximize safe diving techniques. The SDI Wreck Diver Course will discuss the equipment and techniques commonly employed while wreck diving.

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Wreck Diver and Limited Penetration

In the SDI Wreck Diver course, we will discuss and use equipment and techniques commonly employed while wreck diving. This course may be taught as a 1) non-penetration (2 total dives) or 2) limited-penetration (3 total dives) course. In the event of “Limited Penetration Training,” limited penetration is defined as “swim through or within the ambient light of entry point,”. Your SDI Instructor will teach you how to safely plan and execute wreck dives in a fun and enjoyable way.

By signing up for this wreck course, the perspective student has begun to enter one of the most popular diving activities in the world. Combining adventure, exploration, and history, shipwreck diving is something almost no diver can resist. One of the best ways to participate in wreck diving is from a dive boat, and this alone can open up new vistas of diving areas that may have originally been thought inaccessible or unreachable. Drift diving is a unique experience where a gentle current in clear water can give divers a completely different perspective on their underwater world. This course will provide helpful hints, secrets, and techniques for all three activities.

Wreck Specialty is $249

Limited Penetration Specialty $349

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