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Part Number:SW-CCR-CM Manufacturer: Dive Rite

O2ptima CM

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Incredibly versatile, self-contained, and travel ready, the O2ptima CM will change the way you think about rebreathers.

The chest mounted design easily attaches to almost any harness using four bolt-snaps. This means it is fully compatible with your current open-circuit diving system—be it sidemount, back mounted doubles, or a single tank. Any harness that can accommodate two high shoulder D-rings and 2 waist D-rings is compatible with the O2ptima CM. This rebreather can be easily added or removed for any mission, on the fly, and even underwater.

The self-contained design utilizes an onboard oxygen cylinder, meaning there is only one external connection for the diluent from your existing gas supply. You simply need to add one BC hose from your existing first stage to power the CM. This simplicity allows for limitless possibilities of use. You can add it to your single tank rig for a deep ocean dive in the morning, and then remove it for a shallow open circuit reef dive in the afternoon. It can be used in place of a stage bottle to greatly extend penetration distances in overhead environments while maintaining adequate and redundant bailout gas. It can be removed and staged underwater for later decompression or to negotiate tight restrictions and then picked up upon your return.

Weighing only 14.4 pounds (not including scrubber material or oxygen cylinder), traveling with a rebreather has never been easier. Because there is no hard frame or backplate, the entire assembly can be easily rolled up and stowed in a carry-on bag.

The O2ptima CM shares many of the features that have made the back-mounted O2ptima great for years:

  • The CM is a fully electronically controlled closed circuit rebreather (eCCR) using state-of-the-art Shearwater electronics.
  • The breathing loop is one of the shortest of any rebreather on the market.
  • The unique scrubber design is fully compatible with the MicroPore Extendair cartridge while also being packable using approximately 5 pounds (2.2 kg) of granular absorbent.
  • The dual counterlung design and 6 L total loop volume provides incredibly low work of breathing in a variety of diver orientations.
  • Compact design ideal for overhead diving and rugged enough for the toughest expeditions.
  • Threaded loop connections for easy removal of the scrubber and cleaning.
  • Made in USA
  • Redundant Shearwater DiveCAN electronics including Heads-Up Display (HUD) and Petrel 2 controller (NERD controller is optional)
  • Chest-mounted counterlungs with 6 L total loop volume
  • Dual use scrubber canister design can be used with Micropore ExtendAir SR-081C cartridges or packed with 5 lbs of 812 mesh loose granular CO2 absorbent
  • Dive Rite DSV standard
  • Oxygen Manual Add Valve (MAV) and Automatic Diluent Valve/Diluent Manual Add Valve (ADV/MAV)
  • Dual water traps inside the counterlungs and scrubber endcap
  • XT1 or FT1 first stage oxygen regulator
  • 4 AI R22 Oxygen Sensors
  • SuperFabric soft cover for abrasion protection
  • 12 in (30 cm) loop hoses standard, 10 in (25 cm) hoses optional
  • Compatible Cylinders (not included): AL 13 (recommended), AL 20, AA LP 27, AA HP 32, AA LP 13
  • Compatible with any harness with 2 high shoulder D-rings and 2 hip D-rings. Nomad LS recommended
  • Weight: 14.4 lbs without oxygen cylinder or scrubber material


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