Finger Spool 60' #24 White Line

Finger Spool 60' #24 White Line


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Finger Spool 60' #24 White Line

60? Finger Spool
Every detail of the ergonomic Dive Rite Finger Spool has been designed with performance, comfort, and ease-of-use in mind.

Smooth and compact, the width and diameter of the spool have been optimized to fit perfectly in your hand. The inner corners have been rounded, allowing the spool to spin freely between the finger and thumb when deploying line. Lightly scalloped edges provide a secure grip and concave sides make it easy to wind the line without winding up your fingers. The 60’ spool length is ideal for making jumps or gaps in a cave or shooting an SMB.

A unique design feature prevents the line from spinning on the spool while winding but allows the end of the line to quickly be removed without untying knots. Modified diamond cutouts accent the spool’s unique appearance while making it easy to clip the included marine grade bolt snap into a full spool. A recessed flat area provides an ideal location for labeling or engraving initials.

Technical Info

The Dive Rite Spool is crafted from high quality POM acetal plastic and is available in your choice of white Dupont (RE 4500) or orange Dacron braided line (RE 4520).

12 in x 1.34 in (7.9 cm x 3.4 cm)
Available with either white DuPont fiber braid line or orange Dacron line
Includes 60 ft (18.3 meters) of #24 braid line with 220 lbs (100 kg) of breaking strength
Made from injection molded POM acetal plastic
Includes marine grade stainless steel double ended bolt snap
4.8 oz (136 g)

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