Genesis Icon Mask Black Silicone

Genesis Icon Mask Black Silicone


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Part Number:SM3500BS Manufacturer: Genesis

Genesis Icon Mask - Black Silicone

The Icon is the perfect choice for divers who demand the best in comfort and visibility. With its low profile design, this mask sits up close to your eyes, providing an outstanding field of vision. The two tear drop shaped lenses allow for significantly increased vertical vision, so you won't miss a thing while exploring the depths.

The crystal silicone double feather-edged skirt provides a secure and comfortable fit, while the quick disconnect buckles make it easy to adjust the strap and service the mask. And for an added touch of comfort, upgrade to the Genesis Elastic Mask Strap.

This mask is available in five vibrant colors: Black Silicone, Black, Ice Blue, Lemon Yellow, and Ultra Violet.  


Low Profile mask  
Two tear drop shaped lenses 
Crystal silicone double feather-edged skirt 
Quick Disconnect Buckles 

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