Nomad Ray Sidemount System

Nomad Ray Sidemount System


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Nomad Ray Sidemount System

The Nomad Ray is the product of years of design, development, field testing, and feedback from some of the world’s leading sidemount divers and instructors.

The result is a sidemount system that has a flat, streamlined fit and an ergonomic shape that sits tight against the diver’s body. Its unique and innovative features will appeal to sidemount divers of all skill levels. The Nomad Ray is perfectly adapted to diving aluminum or steel tanks, in warm or cold water, from entry level sidemount dives to the most demanding technical exploration. A forty-two pound lift capacity provides the buoyancy necessary for heavy steel tanks and multiple stage or deco bottles. Available in black, red, blue, pink, or OD green. A dual bladder option is available to provide redundancy.

If you happen to find yourself in a tight spot, this abrasion-resistant “skid plate” will have your back: providing wear protection exactly where it’s needed the most. SuperFabric® is a fast drying, highly durable, and slash-resistant material. The Nomad Ray Sidemount System is ready to perform in the toughest diving environments.

The Nomad Ray can be easily adjusted to comfortably fit all body types. The independently adjustable harness design can be quickly set up for any diver. Shoulder and waist webbing can be replaced independently if damaged or trimmed too short. The Nomad Ray uses a fast, tool-free bungee length adjustment system. Simply pull to the desired length, tie a single overhand knot, and tuck the excess into the integrated sleeve. A quick-adjust belly band with a custom molded bungee hook keeps the wing wrapped snugly around the diver’s body.

The Nomad Ray utilizes custom designed stainless steel hardware pieces including the waist transition plates, drop down D-rings, sliding D-rings, bungee retention slides, and a dog bone crotch strap double D-ring for a bonus place to clip off accessories.

A zipper on the inside of the Nomad Ray wing allows for access to three integrated weight pockets capable of holding up to five pounds of each of hard or soft weight. This design maintains the lowest profile possible while providing quick access for the diver to add trim weights or adjust mission-specific weighting. Padded pocket walls add protection and comfort for the diver’s back.

A sixteen-inch corrugated inflation hose gives the diver multiple mounting options to keep the inflator close at hand. The hose can easily be swapped from the left side to the right side of the wing according to diver preference.

The Nomad Ray includes two pull dumps/OPVs. One is located at the top left on the inside of the wing with a shoulder pull dump using custom molded slides to route the pull cord. The second is located at the bottom outside of the wing, offset to the diver’s left to maintain a low profile back and for easier access when used with multiple cylinders or CCRs.


Tech Info

  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Lift Capacity: 42 pounds (19 kg).
  • Sizing: Fully adjustable, one size fits all (user replaceable 2-inch webbing used throughout).
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds (2.6 kg).
  • Colors: Black, red, blue, pink, or OD green.
  • Outer Shell: SuperFabric® material with 600 denier nylon fabric on the backside center panel and 1000 denier nylon fabric on the diver’s side.
  • Inner Bladder: Heavy-duty 420 denier nylon fabric (laminated).
  • Adjustable Bungee System: 42 inches of diamond braid bungee for each side adjustment.
  • Hose: 16 inch (30.4 cm) corrugated hose with an inflate/deflate valve. Can be configured on the left or right side.
  • Internal Weight Pockets: Three padded, internal pockets that can hold up to five pounds of either hard or soft weight.
  • Hardware: Marine-grade stainless steel throughout. Two angled D-rings on the shoulders, two angled D-rings on the waist, two sliding waist D-rings, two chest bungee retainer slides, 2 rear drop D-rings for primary tank attachment, and one dog bone crotch strap double D-ring for a bonus place to clip off accessories.
  • Crotch Strap: 2 inch (5 cm) padded strap with a scooter ring.
  • Bailout Bladder (Optional) Lift Capacity: 25 pounds (11.3 kg).


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