REG - XT1/ XT4 W/ 28" HOSE - DIN

REG - XT1/ XT4 W/ 28" HOSE - DIN


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Part Number:RG6000-DIN Manufacturer: Dive Rite Model: XT1/XT4

REG - XT1/ XT4 W/ 28" HOSE - DIN

XT1 First Stage Regulator
Balanced first stage provides consistent gas flow regardless of depth and tank pressure
Five low pressure ports and a swivel turret results in optimal hose routing
HP ports are angled 90-degrees from the DIN/Yoke fitting, providing the perfect angle for hose routing
Environmentally sealed to protect against internal corrosion, contaminants, and freeze

XT4 Second Stage
Ultra High Performance. Superior Design.
The XT4 is Dive Rite’s premier adjustable and pneumatically balanced second stage regulator. Offering serious performance and an exceptionally low work of breathing in a compact design, the XT4 will be there for you on your most demanding dives.

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